Year for Consecrated Life 2014-15


  The logo for the Year for Consecrated Life

Renewing  the  action  of  the  Spirit


The logo for the Year of Consec­rated Life – designed by the painter Carmela Boccasilc, who works wilh her husband, Lillo Dellino, and son, Dario – expresses th rough symbols the fundamental val ues of religious consecration. Rel igious consecra tion recognizes the  “u nceasing work of the Holy Spirit, who i n every age shows forth the rich ness of the prac­ tice  of  the   evangelical   counsels th rough a m ultipl ici ty of charisms. In this way too he makes ever present in the Chu rch and in the world, in time and  space, the mysover the water” (Gen 1:2). The dove, gliding over a sea swelling with un­ expressed life, recalls patient and trusting fruitfulness, while the signs which surround it reveal the creative and renewi ng action of the Spirit. The dove further evokes the consec­ration of the humanity of Christ in baptism.

                       The graphic depicts a dove, which has an outline similar to the Arabic word for “peace”, recalli ng that the vocation to consecrated life is to be an example of universal reconcili­ ation in Christ. The dove is a tradi­ tional symbol portraying  the  action of the Holy Spirit as  the  source of life and inspiration of creativity. It recalls the beginning  of  history: when “the Spirit of God was moving according to God’s mysterious   plan (cf. Rom 8:26-27) as  they  meet  in the hospitable and fruitful encoun ter which brings about new creation. Among the waves  of  history,  the dove nies over the waters (cf. Gen 8:8-14). Consecrated men and  wo­ men in  the sign of the Gospel, ever pi lgrims among the peoples that l ive thei r charismatic  and diaconal di­ versity  as  “good  stewards  of  God’s varied grace” (1 Pet 4:ro); marked by the Cross  of Christ even until mar­ tyrdom, they live history with the wisdom of the Gospel, the Church that embraces and heals all that is human  in  Christ.

The  three  stars  recall  the  identity of  consecrated  life  i n  the  world  as corifessio  Tiinitatis, ftatemitatis and servitium  caritatis. These phrases express  the circularity  and  the  rela­ tionality        of            the   Trinitarian   love which  consecrated  l ife  seeks to  live every day in  the world. The stars are also  a  symbol  of  the golden  Triune seal   with   which   Byzantine   icono­ graphy  honou rs  Mary,  the  all  holy mother  of  God,  the  fi rst  disciple of (n. 236). The breath of the Spiri t sustains and leads it  towards  the fu­ tu re:  an i nvi tation to  consecrated men and women “to become  bearers of the Spirit (pneumatophoroz), au­ thentically spiritual men and  wo­ men, capable of  endowing  history with hidden fruitfulness” (Vita con­ secrata, n. 6).

The  ph rase  Vita consecrata  in Ec­

clesia hodic. Evangelium, proph etia spes places further emphasis on iden­ tity and horizons, experience and ideals, grace and the path that con­ secrated life has lived and con tinues to live in  the  Church  as  the  People of God, in the pilgrimage of the na­ tions and cultures,  toward  the  fu­ ture.

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