Mission Statement

Mission Statement

CORI Education has responsibility for the Conference’s interests and involvement in schooling and in education generally. It is appointed by and accountable to the Executive of the Conference. CORI Education seeks to influence educational policy, process, structures and personnel with a view to promoting genuine Christian education which is responsive to today’s needs.

In line with this general goal, CORI Education addresses a number of educational issues through, for example, conferences, seminars, publications and submissions. Underlying the various issues which CORI Education addresses is an educational philosophy inspired by the teaching and practice of Jesus, which, it believes, offers a genuine path to human growth and maturity. In line with this philosophy, CORI Education, like the whole Conference, stands with poor people and evaluates its orientations and formulates its policies and strategies from that perspective. (CORI Education Vision Statement)

CORI Education recognises that there are many who share with its values such as equity and justice in education, but do so not from a Catholic or Christian perspective. Therefore, while maintaining its commitment to Christian values, it seeks to dialogue and collaborate with all who seek to promote education that improves the quality of life for everyone in society.

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