Easter Reflection

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Easter Reflection:


I Am Not Afraid of Death 


I am no longer afraid of death,

I know well its dark and cold corridors

leading to life.


I am afraid rather of that life

which does not come out of death

which cramps our hands and retards our march.


I am afraid of my fear and even more of the fear of others,

who do not know where they are going,

who continue clinging

to what they consider to be life which we know to be death!


I live each day to kill death;

I die each day to beget life,

and in this dying unto death,

I die a thousand times and am reborn another thousand

through that love from my People, which nourishes hope!


Taken from Julia Esquivel, “I Am Not Afraid of Death, in Threatened with Resurrection: Prayers and Poems from an Exiled Guatemalan (Elgin: Brethren Press, 1982), 65.


Earth Day is 22nd April 2015: Do something to Raise Awareness

The Lord says to Noah after the flood:

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will never cease …..” (Genesis 8:22). We all need to take responsibility to ensure that our earth endures!

The impacts and implications of climate change and the destruction cause by transnational have caused new issues and challenges related to human migrations.

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