Anti-Trafficking – RENATE


27th September, 2015 ____________, President Amazing Airline or Heavenly Hotel Re:   Human Trafficking and World Tourism Day      Dear

        As a (frequent) (recent) (past) passenger on your airline] [guest at your hotel] I am taking the opportunity of World Tourism Day, 27th September, 2015, to ask you about the steps your organization has taken or is taking, to make sure that human trafficking victims are not [being transported on your flights]   [being exploited at your facilities.].         I am deeply concerned about human trafficking, either for purposes of labour or for sexual exploitation, for the following reasons:


  • Human trafficking is modern day slavery — a harrowing deprivation and violation of human rights. 
  • Human trafficking is a global criminal activity, affecting every country on earth and second in profits only to the drug trade.
  • 27 million people right now are estimated by the United Nations to be victims of human trafficking.  Many of those victims are children who are forced into prostitution or child labour.

I have heard that companies involved in tourism are taking action to identify trafficking victims by creating policies and implementing employee training programs, so their staffs can identify possible victims and take appropriate action to help them.          It would help me to make my future travel plans and to advise friends and associates, if I could know what your company is doing to ensure that you haven’t unwittingly become partners in the crime of human trafficking.         I look forward to hearing from you.         Sincerely, Name:

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