BIEN World Congress on Basic Income-Dublin, Ireland, 2008

Theme: Inequality and Development in a Globalised Economy - The Basic Income Option

All papers supplied to the organising committee have been uploaded and can be accessed by going to the particular speaker and clicking on the link(s) supplied. Some speakers have made their slide presentations available and others have also included other documents relevant to their presentation

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Part One: Making Choices - Choosing Futures

  • A business perspective : Download Pdf
    Speaker: Danny McCoy, Director, Irish Business and Employers Confederation
  • A trade union perspective : Download Pdf
    Speaker: David Begg, General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions
  • An economist's perspective : Download Pdf
    Speaker: George Lee, Economics Editor, RTE
  • A community and voluntary perspective : Download Pdf
    Speakers: Seán Healy and Brigid Reynolds, Directors, CORI Justice

Part Two: Securing an Adequate Income

  • Basic Income in Ireland: surveying three decades : Download Pdf
    Speaker: Seán Ward, Public sector analyst
  • What is an appropriate level of minimum income? : Download Pdf
    Speaker: Micheál L Collins, Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin
  • The Case for a Universal State Pension: Lessons from New Zealand for Ireland's Green Paper on Pensions : Download Pdf
    Speaker: Gerry Hughes, Pensions Policy Research Group, Trinity College Dublin

Meeting BIEN Ireland
Chairperson: John Baker

Friday, June 20th, 2008

9.30-11.00 PLENARY SESSION 1
Theme: Inequality and Development in a Globalised Economy - WHY Basic Income is a major part of the answer

  1. Peter Townsend (LSE and Bristol University) Download Ppt
  2. Carole Pateman (UCLA and Cardiff University) Download Document
  3. Pablo Yanes (Social Development Secretariat of the Government of Mexico City) Download Document

11.30 - 1.00 PARALLEL SESSION 1
1a. Pensions and Basic Income

(i) Armando Barrientos (University of Manchester) Role of non-contributory pensions as a form of securing a basic income in developing countries
(ii) John Macnicol (London School of Economics) The politics of non-contributory pensions Download Document
(iii) Brian Nolan (University College Dublin) Providing Basic Income for Older Persons: What can be Learned from the Performance of the Irish Pension System?

1b. Global and Regional Issues
(i) Ian Gareth Orton (La Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa) Eliminating Child Labour: The Promise of Unconditional Cash Transfers Download Power point / Download Pdf
(ii) Heiner Michel (University of Frankfurt) Is a Global Basic Income a Remedy for Poverty? Download Pdf

1c. Gender and Care I: Should Feminists Embrace Basic Income? (Roundtable - open to all) Download Document
(i) John Baker (University College Dublin, Ireland)
(ii) Julieta Elgarte (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina) Download Document
(iii) Anca Gheaus (Université Catholique de Lille, France) Download Document
(iv) Almaz Zelleke (The New School, New York, USA) Download Pdf
(v) Orla O'Connor (National Women's Council of Ireland)
(vi) Cathleen O'Neill (Kilbarrack Community Development, Dublin, Ireland)

1d. An Institutional Perspective on Basic Income I
(i) Louise Haagh (University of York) Basic Income, Labour Market and Occupational Freedom
(ii) Bill Jordan (University of Plymouth) Basic Income and Social Value Download Document
(iii) Rubén M. Lo Vuolo (Ciepp) Labour markets informality and welfare regimes in Latin America. Why Basic Income is better Download Pdf

1e. Social Justice and the Meaning of Life
(i) Michèle Billoré (France) Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Mankind Document 1 / Document 2
(ii) Manuel Franzmann (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität) An Unconditional Basic Income from the Perspective of the Sociology of Religion Download Pdf
(iii) Johannes Hanel (Germany) Basic Income and Social Jusitce Download Pdf

14.00 - 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION 2
2a. Routes to Basic Income I
(i) Francisco Jose Martinez Martinez (Universidad Nacional de Distancia, Madrid) Debate on Basic Income in the Spanish Parliament Download Document
(ii) Al Sheahan (USBIG) The Rise and Fall of a Basic Income Guarantee Bill in the U.S. Congress Download Document
(iii) Daniel Raventós (University of Barcelona) and Julie Wark How to Implement Universal Human Rights: the Monterrey Declaration

2b. Case Studies - Countries
(i) John Tomlinson (Queensland University of Technology) Timor Leste: Minimum Wages, Job Guarantees, Social Welfare Payments or Basic Income? Download Power Point / Download Document
(ii) Sergio Luiz de Moraes Pinto (São Paulo Municipality Government) Basic Income and Stakeholder Grants: Jointly Breaking the Long History of Endemic Poverty and Economic Inequality in Brazil Download Document

2c. Gender and Care II: Is Basic Income Good for Women?
(i) Áine Uí Ghiollagáin (la Fédération Européenne des Femmes Actives au Foyer) Basic income and caring: Why aren't all caregivers interested in basic income? Download Document / Download Power Point
(ii) Mary Murphy (NUI, Maynooth) and Orla O'Connor (National Women's Council of Ireland) Is basic income the answer to the feminist demand to individualise Irish social security? Download Document
(iii) Margot Young (University of British Columbia) Women, Work and Basic Income

2d. An Institutional Perspective on Basic Income II
(i) Lindsay Stirton (University of Manchester) Rethinking Universal Welfare and Administration
(ii) Jurgen De Wispelaere (Trinity College Dublin/University of Oxford) and José A. Noguera (Autonomous University of Barcelona) The Political Feasibility of Basic Income: Towards an Analytical Framework

2e. Theoretical Perspectives on Basic Income
(i) Ian Gareth Orton (La Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa) Why we Ought to Listen to Zygmunt Bauman. Download Pdf / Download Power Point
(ii) Andrea Fumagalli (University of Pavia) and Stefano Lucarelli (University of Bergamo) Basic Income and Counter-power in Cognitive Capitalism Download Power Point

16.00 - 17.30 PLENARY SESSION 2
Theme: HOW can a Basic Income system be operationalised and achieved (politically, institutionally and technically)?

  1. Moving to Basic Income - A left-wing political perspective : Speaker: Katja Kipping - Member of German Parliament, (The Left Party) Download Document
  2. Moving to Basic Income - A right-wing political perspective : Speaker: Hugh D. Segal, - Senator in the Canadian Parliament, (Conservative Party) Download Document
  3. Addressing the Institutional and Technical Challenges : Speaker: Charles M.A. Clark (St John's University, New York) Download Power Point

Official reception hosted by Mr John Gormley, TD, Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, on behalf of the Irish Government at his offices: Custom House, Dublin City Centre.

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

9.30 - 11.00 PARALLEL SESSION 3
3a. Routes to Basic Income II
(i) Richard Lawson (Green Party England and Wales) Introducing Basic Income by the Back Door in a Recession Download Document
(ii) Gösta Melander (Swedish Senior Party) How a basic income may be achieved politically Download Document / Download Powerpoint / Download Powerpoint Appendix 2
(iii) Marc Meuris (Belgium) A Basic Income Allowance as a solution for the social unification of the EU Download Pdf / Download Power Point

3b. The Bolsa Familia in Brazil I
(i) Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva (Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Brazil) The Bolsa Família Program and the Reduction of Poverty and Inequality in Brazil Download Document
(ii) Clóvis Roberto Zimmermann (Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros) The Citizenship Principle in Income Transfer Programs in Brazil Download Pdf

3c. Basic Income and the Environment
(i) Borja Barragué (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) Pigovian Taxes, Cap-and-Trade System, or Environmental Adders? A Green Financial Model for a Basic Income Download Document
(ii) Celia Kerstenetzky (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro) and Lionello Punzo (Università di Siena) Sustainable tourism: basic income for poor communities Download Pdf
(iii) Erik Christensen (Aalborg University, Denmark) A Global Ecological Argument for a Basic Income Download Document

3d. Freedom and Reciprocity I: Basic Income and the Institutions of a Property-Owning Democracy
(i) Simon Birnbaum (University of Stockholm) Freedom, Reciprocity and the Ethos of Work
(ii) David Casassas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Freedom as Personal Independence: From the Claim for Reciprocity to the Struggle for Equity Among Peers
(iii) François Hudon (Université Catholique de Louvain) Basic Income and Property-Owning Democracy: Toward a Free and Equal Society

3e. Basic Income and Guaranteed Income in Canada
(i) Pat Evans (Carleton University, Ottawa) Challenging Income (In)security: Women and Precarious Employment Download Document
(ii) Luann Good Gingrich (York University, Ontario) Double jeopardy, social exclusion, and lone mothers in the market-state social field
(iii) Robert Arnold and Rob Rainer (National Anti-Poverty Organisation, Canada) Working Towards Guaranteed Adequate Income in Canada: the NAPO Initiative
(iv) James Mulvale (University of Regina, Canada) The Debate on Basic Income / Guaranteed Adequate Income in Canada: Perils and Possibilities Download Power Point / Online Documents (outside website)

Peter Power T.D., Minister for Overseas Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland.
Rosani Cunha, National Secretary of Citizen's Income, Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger, Brazil.

Dr Jean Swanson-Jacobs, Deputy Minister Social Development, Republic of South Africa

12.15 - 13.45 PARALLEL SESSION 4
4a. Funding Basic Income I

(i) Francisco Javier Alonso Madrigal and José Luis Rey Pérez (University Pontificia Comillas of Madrid) What Type of Taxes Demands Basic Income? Download Pdf
(ii) Annie Miller (Citizens Income UK) Designing and Costing Simple Basic Income Schemes Download Document

4b. The Bolsa Familia in Brazil II: the Transition from BF to Basic Income
(i) Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy (Brazilian Federal Senate) The Transition from the Bolsa Família Program to the Citizen's Basic Income in Brazil Download Document

(ii) Carolina Raquel D. Mello Justo (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) Basic Income X Minimum Income:How the Political-Ideological Dispute has advanced in Brazilian Concrete Programs Download Pdf   Download Powerpoint

4c. The Debate in Europe
(i) Gianluca Busilacchi (University of Camerino, Italy) The different regimes of minimum income policies in the enlarged Europe Download Document
(ii) Sascha Liebermann (UBI, Germany) The German experience of bringing Basic Income into the National Debate Download Document
(iii) Eric Patry (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) The Basic Income Debate in Switzerland: Experiences and Perspectives Download Pdf
(iv) Markku Ikkala (Jyväskylä University, Finland) Basic Income Discussion in Finland Download Document

4d. Freedom and Reciprocity II: The Case for Basic Income
(i) Karl Widerquist (University of Reading) Status Freedom
(ii) Almaz Zelleke (New School, New York) Reconsidering Independence: Foundations of a Feminist Theory of Distributive Justice Download Pdf
(iii) David Casassas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Daniel Raventós (Universitat de Barcelona) Property and Freedom: Theses on the Republican Case for Basic Income

4e. Economic Security in Canada
(i) Ernie Lightman (University of Toronto) Towards Economic Security for New Immigrants: Beyond Workfare
(ii) Anita Vaillancourt (University of Northern British Columbia/University of Toronto) More than a Northern Living Allowance: Considerations and Strategies for Designing and Implementing Basic Income in Rural Northern Contexts
(iii) William Clegg (National Anti-Poverty Organisation, Canada) Basic Income-Greater Freedom of Choice Through Greater Economic Security of the Person in a Globalized Economy Download Document

14.00 - 14.30
Video Presentation by Eduardo Suplicy (Brazilian Federal Senator)
(All Welcome - running during lunch time in the main conference hall - Room a)

14.45 - 16.15 PARALLEL SESSION 5

5a. Funding Basic Income II
(i) Al Sheahen (USBIG) How the U.S. Can Afford a Poverty-Level Basic Income Guarantee Download Document
(ii) Jörg Drescher (Projekt Jovialismus) Economic view of model proposals for funding a basic income on the basis of the value creation of goods and services Download Pdf
(iii) Paul Segal (University of Oxford) The Resource Dividend: How to (Nearly) Eliminate Global Poverty using Resource Rents

5b. Approaches to Costing a Basic Income for Ireland (Roundtable - open to all)
(i) Micheal L Collins (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
(ii) Sean Healy (CORI Justice, Ireland)
(iii) Brigid Reynolds (CORI Justice, Ireland)
(iv) Sean Ward (Public Sector Analyst, Ireland)
(v) Charles M.A. Clark (St John's University, New York)

5c. Making Basic Income Happen
(i) Wim Van Lancker (University of Antwerp) Basic income, an alternative for neo-liberal pension reforms?
(ii) Steven Shafarman (Citizens Policies Institutes, USA) Basic Income and the 2008 Campaign in the United States Download Document

5d. Global Justice
(i) Michael W. Howard (University of Maine) Cosmopolitanism, Trade, and Global (or Regional) Transfers Download Document / Download PowerPpoint
(ii) Celia Kerstenetzky (Universidade Federal Fluminense) and Gary Dymski Download Document
(University of California) Global Basic Income and Financial Globalisation
(iii) Myron J. Frankman (McGill University) Justice, Sustainability and Progressive Taxation and Redistribution: The Case for a World-Wide Basic Income. Download Pdf / Download Power Point

5e. Basic Income in Changing Contexts
(i) Maria Oleynik (Ireland) Basic Income in a Changing Ireland Download Pdf
(iii) Alexander Varshavsky (Russian Academy of Sciences) Basic income and increasing income inequality in Russia Download Document
(iii) Emer O Siochru (Feasta, Ireland) Basic Income and Environmental Challenges

16.45 - 18.00 CLOSING PLENARY
Theme: Basic Income: The Way Forward
A roundtable with a number of short presentations from people reflecting on the main themes of the Congress and what they have heard followed by an open forum. The speakers:

  1. The Way Forward - the political dimension: Speaker: Richard Caputo (Yeshiva University, New York) Download Pdf
  2. Report from Developing World strand : Speaker: Lorna Gold (Programme Leader, Torcaire)
  3. What's new? What's next?: Speaker: Philippe Van Parijs (Catholic University of Louvain and Harvard University)
  4. "Reviving Egalitarianism in Full Freedom: Why Basic Income will define progressive politics": Speaker: Guy Standing (University of Bath and Monash University)

Open Forum
Thanks and Farewell

18.30 - 20.00 BIEN General Meeting - elections etc.
Montrose Hotel (across the road from the congress venue)

19.00 INFORMAL SOCIAL EVENT - Montrose Hotel (across the road from the congress venue)